The Secret to Successful Innovation in Healthcare: Design Thinking

We’ve been fans of design thinking for quite some time – especially as a catalyst for innovation and moving past the status quo holding healthcare captive.

Jeanne Liedtka, professor of business administration at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business contributed a great article on the subject in a recent edition of The Harvard Business Review. In it, she highlights a number of inspiring healthcare innovations that resulted from the use of design thinking. One of the many things we love about her perspective is the importance of immersion in the user experience. It’s so simple, but brilliant. Design thinking requires us to step into the life of the consumer and experience our service or product exactly as a real user would experience it. That single activity changes our perspective dramatically and serves as the starting point for design thinking-inspired innovation.

“Design thinking takes a different approach: Identify hidden needs by having the innovator live the customer’s experience.”

The immersion activity is just the start, though. Read the full article and be inspired to apply design thinking in your organization. It has the power to create Smart Health Markets and move us to a vibrant health economy that responds to consumer needs and drives the best results.

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