The Medicaid Transformation Project: Helping Create a Smart Health Market

Recently, 17 health systems across the US announced their participation in The Medicaid Transformation Project – a movement designed to transform care delivery for 75 million Medicaid recipients nationwide.

What’s cool about this project is its focus on innovation to deliver whole-person care through a community-based approach – the kind we believe is critical to building a Smart Health Market. Let’s not stop at the Medicaid population, though. As an industry, we need to apply this kind of approach to all consumers, regardless of health insurer (or lack thereof). Andy Slavitt, founder of Town Hall Ventures and former Acting Administrator for CMS who will help run the project said,

“The current healthcare system fails the people who need it most.”

We agree, but would take it a step further and say the current healthcare system fails most people. Emulating The Medicaid Transformation Project across all populations will accelerate the shift to the kind of vibrant health market in demand among consumers and necessary for driving better health. Read more about The Medicaid Transformation Project here.

Want to learn more about the makings of a Smart Health Market? Download our white paper: The Best Market Opportunities in Healthcare: Four Trends to Watch.