What You Need to Know When Considering a Home Health Transaction

home care home health acquisition transaction

Transactions in the home-care and home-health segments are increasing, both among private investors  and among agency owners.

Private investors forecast near-term growth in service demand and view the health-at-home market as an opportunity to streamline operations and realize value. At the same time, some agency owners aspire to unite with a strategic buyer and realize economies of scale, while others may view a buyout as their ultimate exit strategy.

Tailwinds that make the segment attractive include accelerating demand for services that care for older adults, age-in-place preferences among consumers, and tech-enabled care delivery solutions that lend themselves to treatment and monitoring of health in the home.

For both the buyer and the seller, due diligence, deal structuring, compliance issues, and ownership transfer all factor into the deal making process.

The webinar below, “Getting Your Home (Care) in Order: What You Need to Know When Structuring A Home Care Acquisition,” features:

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