Insights Care Feature: Canton & Company Empowers Smart Growth in the Healthcare Industry

Insights Care Magazine recently named Canton & Company among the “10 Most Trusted Healthcare Marketing Agencies to Watch in 2023.” In the publication’s cover story CEO Don McDaniel details how Canton & Company delivers on its mission of building and growing advanced healthcare businesses, enabling the industry to deliver on the promise of health. 

“We know healthcare’s future will depend on innovative new lines of business that focus on value and a better consumer experience,” McDaniel says in the feature article. “Healthcare does not operate like a typical market, and competition is fierce. Anyone trying to enter as a service provider needs to understand that the tactics are incredibly nuanced. Deep experience in the market is your most valuable asset.” 

The feature also introduces Canton & Company’s proven approach to executing successful, data-driven go-to-market strategies developed in concert with a client’s unique needs, requirements, positioning, and priorities. While many marketing firms offer an array of tactical services across multiple industry verticals, Canton & Company goes further, focusing exclusively on healthcare businesses and combining deep industry intelligence with in-the-trenches marketing experience to deliver winning solutions that grow healthcare businesses. 

Canton constantly antagonizes traditional thinking to dare posit “why shouldn’t healthcare experiences wow customers”? 

Read the full cover story here. 

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