CMS Issues New Policies to Address Digital Health Literacy

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans will soon be required to assess digital health literacy as technology becomes ubiquitous, according to recent updates to CMS policy.

In the 2024 Policy Changes to MA Program, CMS will mandate MA plans to establish procedures for identifying and supporting enrollees with low digital health literacy. This initiative aims to support health equity and create access to tech-enabled care services. The final rule offers MA plans significant flexibility in how they approach the development and implementation of new procedures.

“Telehealth and other tech-enabled services are undoubtedly effective in expanding care to underserved communities,” says Don McDaniel, Canton & Company CEO. “However, these very same technologies can lead to severe isolation if providers are not attentive to SDOH.”

Important to note: new procedures must be addressed and implemented by January 1, 2024 when CMS policy goes into effect. You can read the full announcement, 2024 Policy Changes to MA Program, in the Federal Register. 

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