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In Pursuit of Smart Health: Lyft’s Focus on Medicare Advantage Plans

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We love a good Smart Health Market story, and a recent article in FierceHealthcare about the partnership between ride-sharing giant Lyft and Medicare Advantage (MA) plans made us smile. Common sense and uncommon partners at work to solve real problems and drive better results. These are the makings of the Smart Health Market. Lyft began

Medicare: Financial Disaster or Value-Based Opportunity?

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Medicare is in serious trouble. Mike Leavitt recently warned stakeholders in a whitepaper that Medicare Part A will run out of money in 2026, and there is no backup plan. We’ve heard the same from other experts, as well. Time is running out, according to Leavitt. And he certainly knows his stuff. He led HHS

Will Hospice Thrive as a Benefit Under Medicare Advantage?

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) continues to develop new concepts and test new ideas to improve the way care is delivered in this country. We think it’s great. They are paying attention to changes in the healthcare landscape – like the incredible growth in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans – and they are

Consumer Opinion of Healthcare Will Shape 2020 Election

If you listen closely, you can hear the voice of the consumer getting louder. And as the 2020 election nears, the volume will likely grow to a roar that simply can’t be ignored. Imagine patients and care facility residents shouting, “Too expensive!” or “Too inconvenient!” or worst of all, “I’m outta here!” Consumerism like that

HIMSS 2019: Treat it Like an Investment (or don’t go)

If you’re in healthcare, you know HIMSS. It’s the largest healthcare IT conference in the world, attracting tens of thousands of attendees and exhibitors every year. It’s incredibly well run, offers a variety of educational opportunities and top-notch speakers, and it’s a hot spot for networking and deal making. It ain’t cheap HIMSS can also

Top Healthcare B2B Marketing Strategies

Growing a healthcare business is hard work. In fact, it can be exhausting. But it can also be exhilarating and fun if you have – among other things – the right marketing strategy in place. In this blog series, we’ll explore what it takes for healthcare B2B marketers to contribute to real business growth. From

Business Incentives Will Fuel Healthcare Interoperability

Recently, the White House Office of American Innovation hosted an event focused on healthcare interoperability, citing “citizen access to health records and interoperability a top priority.” It’s encouraging news for anyone with a vision for an improved American health system – a smart health market. Data sharing among providers is improving, according to the Office

$30B Spent on Healthcare Marketing: What you need to know

Ugh. That was our reaction to a recent article in Kaiser Health News. Just to be clear, we are big fans of Kaiser Health News and of responsible marketing. Our dismay was driven by the fact that the healthcare industry is spending $30B a year on marketing – nearly double from 1997 – without showing

2019 Healthcare Predictions

Canton & Company’s 2019 Healthcare Predictions features leading experts sharing their views on what to expect in the industry throughout this year. Among the trends cited are the continued movement of care from institutional settings to the community and the home, the rising risk of physician burnout, and the entry of more Amazons and Googles

Canton & Company Releases 2019 Healthcare Predictions

BALTIMORE, Md., Jan. 15, 2019 – Canton & Company, a healthcare growth and innovation services firm, today released predictions on the future of healthcare from five pioneering leaders in the industry. The 2019 Healthcare Predictions paper delivers perspectives from CEOs/ Presidents of healthcare service, technology, and advisory companies, as well as insights from two of