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Business Incentives Will Fuel Healthcare Interoperability

Recently, the White House Office of American Innovation hosted an event focused on healthcare interoperability, citing “citizen access to health records and interoperability a top priority.” It’s encouraging news for anyone with a vision for an improved American health system – a smart health market. Data sharing among providers is improving, according to the Office

$30B Spent on Healthcare Marketing: What you need to know

Ugh. That was our reaction to a recent article in Kaiser Health News. Just to be clear, we are big fans of Kaiser Health News and of responsible marketing. Our dismay was driven by the fact that the healthcare industry is spending $30B a year on marketing – nearly double from 1997 – without showing

Canton & Company Releases 2019 Healthcare Predictions

BALTIMORE, Md., Jan. 15, 2019 – Canton & Company, a healthcare growth and innovation services firm, today released predictions on the future of healthcare from five pioneering leaders in the industry. The 2019 Healthcare Predictions paper delivers perspectives from CEOs/ Presidents of healthcare service, technology, and advisory companies, as well as insights from two of

CBO Guide to Jump Starting Value-Based Care

Value-Based Care Consulting

Brent T. Feorene, COO It’s about time. Healthcare is finally catching on to what community-based organizations have known for years: the social conditions of someone’s life are just as important as the medical aspects when it comes to health (sometimes even more!). Conversations about the social determinants of health dominate headlines, industry conferences, board room

Canton & Company Names Joe Reilly Chief Technology Innovation Officer

Healthcare Operations Management

BALTIMORE, Md., Jan. 3, 2019 – Canton & Company, a healthcare growth and innovation services firm, today announced the addition of Joe Reilly to its leadership team. Reilly joins as Chief Technology Innovation Officer. With extensive experience applying healthcare technologies to accelerate positive change, Reilly brings valuable expertise to the organization and its clients. As

Five of Our Favorite Healthcare Innovations

As big believers in a market-driven health economy, it’s frustrating to watch the goliath U.S. health system in a slow creep toward a more market-based model – but it is a creep forward. And if you look closely, you’ll see some pretty exciting activity taking place. Market-savvy entrepreneurs and innovators recognize that the incumbent, fee-for-service

No More Disruption, PLEASE!

Think everyone in healthcare embraces the idea of disruption? Think again. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review addresses this reality head on. Physicians in particular are fatigued from the endless changes disrupting their work lives and ability to deliver patient care. “One of the hardest things about introducing innovation or change in organizations

Healthcare B2B Marketing: Meet the New Decision Maker

Let’s get right to it. If you’re a healthcare marketer or business leader, you need to know who is making buying decisions for your product or service. And you need to understand them deeply. Who they are drives what information they need, when they need it and how they prefer to consume it. (Note the

Healthcare Transformation, Millennial-Style

We’ll let you in on a secret. If you want to know what path healthcare will take in the next decade, just follow the Millennials. Don’t believe it? Take a look at how their demands for “ease and frugality” have given rise to a number of highly successful consumer services, like ride-sharing giants Uber and

Medicaid Patient “Cindy” Discovers the Value of the Smart Health Market

Last December, in an article for Managed Healthcare Executive, Leanne Berge, CEO for Community Health Plan of Washington, introduced us to “Cindy” – a Medicaid patient suffering from diabetes with complications and an anxiety disorder. Further taxing Cindy’s health is a history of unstable housing; she also lives with her mother who has a substance