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The Medicaid Transformation Project: Helping Create a Smart Health Market

Recently, 17 health systems across the US announced their participation in The Medicaid Transformation Project – a movement designed to transform care delivery for 75 million Medicaid recipients nationwide. What’s cool about this project is its focus on innovation to deliver whole-person care through a community-based approach – the kind we believe is critical to

The Secret to Successful Innovation in Healthcare: Design Thinking

We’ve been fans of design thinking for quite some time – especially as a catalyst for innovation and moving past the status quo holding healthcare captive. Jeanne Liedtka, professor of business administration at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business contributed a great article on the subject in a recent edition of The Harvard

Why Dr. Bruce Leff Believes in Hospital at Home

In an article for the NEJM Catalyst blog, Dr. Bruce Leff of Johns Hopkins University Medical Center shares his experiences and beliefs in moving care out of the traditional – and not-so-accommodating – hospital institution and into the comfort of the patient’s home. He recants what anyone who has ever stayed a night in a

Evolution of the Smart Health Market

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