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Interoperable Claims Data: Not Just a Pie in the Sky

Interoperable Claims Data

Among all the healthcare stakeholders, payers capture the most data. Their giant claims processing machines gather up information from the entire provider community, not just a single silo. Their patient records also contain a universe of clinical info that is increasingly being supplemented with new indicators, such as social determinants health. Obviously, it makes sense

Smart Health Market Interview – Mark Redlus, CEO, Tridiuum

Smart Health Market Interview - Tridiuum

Tell us a little bit about Tridiuum. Tridiuum is a digital behavioral health company that powers interactions between patients and providers in the outpatient setting, particularly for integrated models and primary care. Our platform improves overall outcomes by supporting those interactions, managing the episodes of care, and scoring that care throughout the treatment journey. As

Two New Trends Prove Consumer Satisfaction is More Important than Ever

Healthcare & Consumer Satisfaction

Assessing healthcare quality is no simple task. Historically, the work has involved a symphony of government agencies, professional groups, researchers, and clinical pros all piping in on the processes they believe signify quality. But in more recent years, those measures have undergone major changes to emphasize patient outcomes rather than delivery processes. The question everyone’s essentially trying

5 Things to Know as Telehealth Reaches its Tipping Point

Telehealth & Online Medical Consulting

Market demands for “care everywhere” have brought telehealth to the forefront, and the outlook is quite positive. Utilization is up. Policy and payment details related to telehealth are being ironed out, and value-based models are ready to pay off for providers who engage their patients on digital channels. Even with significant year-over-year growth trends, however, telehealth

Bay State Fits Food into the Continuum of Care

Food-As-Medicine Healthcare Programs - Canton & Company

Massachusetts is among the more aggressive innovators when it comes to healthcare, and is one of just a dozen states implementing a Medicaid ACO model. We’ll be curious to see how providers integrate social determinants of health into their value-based plans — especially for the complex Medicaid population. Yes, Massachusetts is one of the wealthiest

Patients Get Creative to Get What They Want

Consumer-Focused Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare - Canton & Company

Necessity is the mother of invention, according to ancient Greek philosopher Plato. But we might argue that wants — not just needs or necessities — are giving rise to a wave of new inventions in healthcare’s opportunity era. In other words, consumers need good care, but they also want convenience, affordability, reliable information, etc. That’s why it’s

The Elephant in the Room: Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement - Canton & Company

There are plenty of reasons why it’s difficult to engage consumers in their health, but stakeholders have yet to find the right formula to overcome those barriers. In today’s opportunity era, the innovators who can solve this problem — with solid data to back it up — will be the most popular kids on the block. Providers

Providers Still Falling Short of Consumer Demands

By executive order, the Department of Health and Human Services has only a few weeks to design a plan that would enable consumers to see the negotiated costs of their health services. That won’t just reveal the insurance co-pays or the hospital chargemaster prices — it’ll show the allowables that represent the true price of healthcare in the real world.

Retailers Bet on Consumers’ Love of Convenience

Everywhere you look it seems neighborhood retailers are expanding their health offerings to fill a market need. Consumers certainly like the idea of accessing on-demand, convenient care options, so the new surge of expansion makes a lot of sense. For example, CVS recently doubled down on clinic services by introducing its HealthHUB concept in Texas. The