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A Look Back at Our 2019 Healthcare Predictions

Looking Back At Our 2019 Healthcare Predictions - Canton & Company

We launched into the year by inviting some of our favorite thought leaders to share their predictions for 2019. Now as the year draws to a close, it’s time to take a retrospective look at how our forecasters’ insight has played out in the healthcare market since. Our experts included: Ron Kuerbitz, CEO, agilon health Bruce Leff,

Healthcare’s Smartest Investment Ever

Healthcare's Smartest Investment Ever - Canton & Company

You probably cringe when you see reports showing that Americans aren’t getting any healthier for the $3 trillion currently being spent on care. Reasons behind the weak return on investment include all the usual suspects: waste, poor patient engagement, administrative burdens, etc. Yet, this year’s loudest call to action has centered on the non-medical factors

3 Ways Apple is Taking a Major Bite Out of the Healthcare Market

3 Ways Apple Takes Major Bite Out of Healthcare Industry - Canton & Company

Analysts predict that Apple’s market opportunity in healthcare could reach as high as $313 billion in just a few years. Even the more conservative estimate of $15 billion is quite an eye-popper when you consider that Mayo Clinic’s 2018 revenue, for example, was $12 billion. (Bloomberg) (Mayo Clinic) Apple is building a new ecosystem in

New IPA Aligns Around Social Determinants of Health

New York IPA Aligns Around Social Determinants of Health - Canton & Company

Historically, the work of community-based organizations (CBOs) has been fueled by grants and donations. But that financial model is changing…a lot! Why? Because payer and provider investments are now being added to the mix as CBOs become a bigger part of the healthcare ecosystem. As we’ve said before, everyone is hyper-focused on social determinants of health

Interoperable Claims Data: Not Just a Pie in the Sky

Interoperable Claims Data

Among all the healthcare stakeholders, payers capture the most data. Their giant claims processing machines gather up information from the entire provider community, not just a single silo. Their patient records also contain a universe of clinical info that is increasingly being supplemented with new indicators, such as social determinants health. Obviously, it makes sense

Smart Health Market Interview – Mark Redlus, CEO, Tridiuum

Smart Health Market Interview - Tridiuum

Tell us a little bit about Tridiuum. Tridiuum is a digital behavioral health company that powers interactions between patients and providers in the outpatient setting, particularly for integrated models and primary care. Our platform improves overall outcomes by supporting those interactions, managing the episodes of care, and scoring that care throughout the treatment journey. As

Two New Trends Prove Consumer Satisfaction is More Important than Ever

Healthcare & Consumer Satisfaction

Assessing healthcare quality is no simple task. Historically, the work has involved a symphony of government agencies, professional groups, researchers, and clinical pros all piping in on the processes they believe signify quality. But in more recent years, those measures have undergone major changes to emphasize patient outcomes rather than delivery processes. The question everyone’s essentially trying

5 Things to Know as Telehealth Reaches its Tipping Point

Telehealth & Online Medical Consulting

Market demands for “care everywhere” have brought telehealth to the forefront, and the outlook is quite positive. Utilization is up. Policy and payment details related to telehealth are being ironed out, and value-based models are ready to pay off for providers who engage their patients on digital channels. Even with significant year-over-year growth trends, however, telehealth

Bay State Fits Food into the Continuum of Care

Food-As-Medicine Healthcare Programs - Canton & Company

Massachusetts is among the more aggressive innovators when it comes to healthcare, and is one of just a dozen states implementing a Medicaid ACO model. We’ll be curious to see how providers integrate social determinants of health into their value-based plans — especially for the complex Medicaid population. Yes, Massachusetts is one of the wealthiest