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Rural Health Has A New Playbook

Hospitals and health systems attending the AHA Rural Health Leadership Conference 2022 agreed that innovation is the only way to improve care delivery in rural communities. The future will be shaped by consumer-centric care, data-fueled decision-making, innovative technology, and partnerships that create meaningful care experiences — in spite of the many challenges unique to rural

Amazon, Walmart Make Bold Moves in Healthcare…Again

Amazon and Walmart in Healthcare - Canton & Company

Mega companies like Walmart and Amazon keep pushing the envelope when it comes to healthcare. There seems to be no stopping these retail giants as they continue to forge ahead with the rollouts of new health services that are surely disrupting the status quo in consumer and employer-based healthcare. Earlier this month, Amazon went live

Consumer Demand for Healthcare Convenience Paves the Way for Retailers

Consumer Demnad for Healthcare Convenience & Retailers - Canton & Company

Today’s healthcare consumers, driven largely by the Millennial population, demand convenience, quality, transparency, and affordability. In a growing number of cases, consumers are eliminating trips to emergency rooms and even primary care physicians in favor of a quick visit to their neighborhood retail healthcare clinic. Retail clinics hit the scene in the early 2000s touting

Healthcare’s Smartest Investment Ever

Healthcare's Smartest Investment Ever - Canton & Company

You probably cringe when you see reports showing that Americans aren’t getting any healthier for the $3 trillion currently being spent on care. Reasons behind the weak return on investment include all the usual suspects: waste, poor patient engagement, administrative burdens, etc. Yet, this year’s loudest call to action has centered on the non-medical factors

3 Ways Apple is Taking a Major Bite Out of the Healthcare Market

3 Ways Apple Takes Major Bite Out of Healthcare Industry - Canton & Company

Analysts predict that Apple’s market opportunity in healthcare could reach as high as $313 billion in just a few years. Even the more conservative estimate of $15 billion is quite an eye-popper when you consider that Mayo Clinic’s 2018 revenue, for example, was $12 billion. (Bloomberg) (Mayo Clinic) Apple is building a new ecosystem in

Interoperable Claims Data: Not Just a Pie in the Sky

Interoperable Claims Data

Among all the healthcare stakeholders, payers capture the most data. Their giant claims processing machines gather up information from the entire provider community, not just a single silo. Their patient records also contain a universe of clinical info that is increasingly being supplemented with new indicators, such as social determinants health. Obviously, it makes sense

Bay State Fits Food into the Continuum of Care

Food-As-Medicine Healthcare Programs - Canton & Company

Massachusetts is among the more aggressive innovators when it comes to healthcare, and is one of just a dozen states implementing a Medicaid ACO model. We’ll be curious to see how providers integrate social determinants of health into their value-based plans — especially for the complex Medicaid population. Yes, Massachusetts is one of the wealthiest

Patients Get Creative to Get What They Want

Consumer-Focused Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare - Canton & Company

Necessity is the mother of invention, according to ancient Greek philosopher Plato. But we might argue that wants — not just needs or necessities — are giving rise to a wave of new inventions in healthcare’s opportunity era. In other words, consumers need good care, but they also want convenience, affordability, reliable information, etc. That’s why it’s

A Netflix Model for Hep C

Netflix Model for Hepatitis C - Healthcare Marketing – Canton & Company

We’re keeping a close eye on the ingenious “Netflix model” two states are launching to pay for hepatitis C drugs. It certainly has some implications for how a Smart Health Market might approach rising drug spend. Earlier this year, Louisiana and Washington announced requests for pharma bids on fixed-cost contracts that allow the states unrestricted