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The COVID Era is Reshaping Healthcare Consumer Behaviors…Is the U.S. Healthcare System Ready To Adapt?

Family using telehealth session via tablet

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s how to adapt and find new ways to live amidst a global pandemic. Just as the pandemic is reshaping the economy and our way of life, it’s changing how consumers are utilizing and modifying the healthcare system to better meet their needs. From virtual medicine to shifting consumer

Crony-Virus19: How Government Interference Hampered our Response to the Global Pandemic

DC and the coronavirus

As we move past the one-month mark of dealing with COVID19 in the United States, it’s important to document the lessons we are learning and inventory obstacles we’re facing in fighting this invisible enemy. When the pandemic passes, and it will pass, we need to be able to assess root causes and adjust to ensure

COVID-19: The Case for Propelling Healthcare Forward

COVID-19 Propelling Healthcare Forward - Canton & Company

Life is always interesting. Just a few months ago I was living through the bitter disappointment of the Baltimore Ravens losing a heavily favored playoff game to the Tennessee Titans. Today, I’m sheltering in place wondering when the grocery store will get another shipment of toilet paper and canned soup. COVID-19 has accelerated more rapidly

A Look Back at Our 2019 Healthcare Predictions

Looking Back At Our 2019 Healthcare Predictions - Canton & Company

We launched into the year by inviting some of our favorite thought leaders to share their predictions for 2019. Now as the year draws to a close, it’s time to take a retrospective look at how our forecasters’ insight has played out in the healthcare market since. Our experts included: Ron Kuerbitz, CEO, agilon health Bruce Leff,

Survey Results Point to New Kind of Healthcare Industry in 10 Years

The Future of Healthcare - Healthcare Strategic Planning - Canton & Company

No doubt healthcare is changing, but how fast will it change and into what? Over the last six months, Canton & Company engaged industry insiders for their views on the overall direction for healthcare. In some cases, the results validated our suspicions, and in one case, we learned something we didn’t expect.

Business Incentives Will Fuel Healthcare Interoperability

Recently, the White House Office of American Innovation hosted an event focused on healthcare interoperability, citing “citizen access to health records and interoperability a top priority.” It’s encouraging news for anyone with a vision for an improved American health system – a smart health market. Data sharing among providers is improving, according to the Office

$30B Spent on Healthcare Marketing: What you need to know

Ugh. That was our reaction to a recent article in Kaiser Health News. Just to be clear, we are big fans of Kaiser Health News and of responsible marketing. Our dismay was driven by the fact that the healthcare industry is spending $30B a year on marketing – nearly double from 1997 – without showing

No More Disruption, PLEASE!

Think everyone in healthcare embraces the idea of disruption? Think again. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review addresses this reality head on. Physicians in particular are fatigued from the endless changes disrupting their work lives and ability to deliver patient care. “One of the hardest things about introducing innovation or change in organizations

Can Bind disrupt the market with on-demand health insurance?

On-Demand Health Insurance

Recently, I read a HealthLeaders article about an interesting startup in Minneapolis – Bind. It’s an “on-demand” health plan which provides a set of core services while allowing consumers to buy additional insurance on an as-needed basis. “Under the plan, consumers can essentially ‘shop-as-they-go’…” – HealthLeaders This is an awesome concept. A few things stand

All In or Kind-of-In: Which Will it be for New CEO of Amazon-JP Morgan-Berkshire Hathaway NewCo?

By now, you are likely aware that the as-of-yet-unnamed healthcare NewCo, created by Amazon, JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway, has hired Atul Gawande, MD as its CEO. Dr. Gawande is pretty well known in healthcare circles, as a celebrated surgeon, Harvard Medical School professor, writer for the New Yorker magazine, and author of a number of