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3 Companies Making Big Moves with SDoH

Investing In Social Determinants of Health - Healthcare Consultants

​Not so long ago, addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) was considered a bleeding-edge concept. While pretty much every stakeholder agreed that “life” factors make an enormous difference in health outcomes, few had the stomach to test out new programs. Well, grab your Tums, because SDOH have become an integral part of strategic plans among

Healthcare’s Big Reveal Sets a Precedent

Price Transparency in Healthcare - Healthcare Consulting

Prices matter. They are the fuel that energizes the free market, setting buyers into action. However, when U.S. hospitals posted their prices online for the first time in January, it was nothing but crickets. The big reveal had no effect on the market. The posted prices were meaningless, and no consumers made buying decisions based

In Pursuit of Smart Health: Lyft’s Focus on Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans - Healthcare consultants

We love a good Smart Health Market story, and a recent article in FierceHealthcare about the partnership between ride-sharing giant Lyft and Medicare Advantage (MA) plans made us smile. Common sense and uncommon partners at work to solve real problems and drive better results. These are the makings of the Smart Health Market. Lyft began

Will Hospice Thrive as a Benefit Under Medicare Advantage?

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) continues to develop new concepts and test new ideas to improve the way care is delivered in this country. We think it’s great. They are paying attention to changes in the healthcare landscape – like the incredible growth in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans – and they are

Medicaid Patient “Cindy” Discovers the Value of the Smart Health Market

Last December, in an article for Managed Healthcare Executive, Leanne Berge, CEO for Community Health Plan of Washington, introduced us to “Cindy” – a Medicaid patient suffering from diabetes with complications and an anxiety disorder. Further taxing Cindy’s health is a history of unstable housing; she also lives with her mother who has a substance

The Medicaid Transformation Project: Helping Create a Smart Health Market

Recently, 17 health systems across the US announced their participation in The Medicaid Transformation Project – a movement designed to transform care delivery for 75 million Medicaid recipients nationwide. What’s cool about this project is its focus on innovation to deliver whole-person care through a community-based approach – the kind we believe is critical to

Why Dr. Bruce Leff Believes in Hospital at Home

In an article for the NEJM Catalyst blog, Dr. Bruce Leff of Johns Hopkins University Medical Center shares his experiences and beliefs in moving care out of the traditional – and not-so-accommodating – hospital institution and into the comfort of the patient’s home. He recants what anyone who has ever stayed a night in a