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How Deal Structure Drives Home-Health Transactions

home health acquisition deal structure

VIDEO: Preparation and consultation with experts can make the difference between a successful transaction and a disruption that detracts from your vision.

What You Need to Know When Considering a Home Health Transaction

home care home health acquisition transaction

VIDEO: Here’s what buyers and sellers need to know when considering a home-health transaction, from compliance, to deal structure, to stages of the transaction.

What Private Equity Looks For In Healthcare Investments

Healthcare is a resilient industry, and private equity (PE) has taken notice. As firms scour the market searching for attractive assets to add to their portfolios, PE investors have refined their targeting strategies. Specialization among PE firms has intensified. Many are courting healthcare category leaders as well as innovators that have the best likelihood of

5 Reasons Why Private Equity Loves Healthcare

The number of private equity (PE) investment firms has grown over the past decade, and those investors have become quite active in the healthcare sector. And with good reason. Healthcare offers the right mix of opportunity and resilience that attracts PE interest. While firms are certainly focused on realizing an ultimate return on their healthcare