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Crony-Virus19: How Government Interference Hampered our Response to the Global Pandemic

DC and the coronavirus

As we move past the one-month mark of dealing with COVID19 in the United States, it’s important to document the lessons we are learning and inventory obstacles we’re facing in fighting this invisible enemy. When the pandemic passes, and it will pass, we need to be able to assess root causes and adjust to ensure

6 Healthcare Trends to Watch from Credit Suisse Annual Healthcare Conference 2019

6 Healthcare Trends to Watch - Credit Suisse Annual Healthcare Conference 2019

The Credit Suisse Annual Healthcare Conference 2019 wrapped up last week. A big thank you to Credit Suisse for inviting Canton & Company to attend and share knowledge with leading health plans, providers, vendors, and CMS. As I reflect on the knowledge-packed sessions, six key themes come to mind and culminate in this question for me: Although it is

Four Consumer Health Trends That Can Make or Break a Business

Consumer Health Trends - Healthcare Advisors - Canton & Company

Nothing will shape the next decade of healthcare as much as consumerism. Patients will continue to look for new options in health because they view the system’s status quo as painfully contrary to their otherwise tech-enabled, on-demand lifestyle.   Whether you’re an established health organization or a clever disruptor, your relative success will hinge on consumerism. Revenue