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Are We Ready for the Silver Tsunami?

America is aging—currently, 10,000 people turn 65 every day. Our country has a Silver Tsunami on the horizon. Are we ready for it? The short answer is no, but preparing for it is never too late. As the American population ages, high-quality healthcare for seniors has become increasingly important, but how can we prioritize it? To answer this question, we can look to Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) as a viable healthcare delivery model.

Rural Health Has A New Playbook

Hospitals and health systems attending the AHA Rural Health Leadership Conference 2022 agreed that innovation is the only way to improve care delivery in rural communities. The future will be shaped by consumer-centric care, data-fueled decision-making, innovative technology, and partnerships that create meaningful care experiences — in spite of the many challenges unique to rural

6 Healthcare Trends to Watch from Credit Suisse Annual Healthcare Conference 2019

6 Healthcare Trends to Watch - Credit Suisse Annual Healthcare Conference 2019

The Credit Suisse Annual Healthcare Conference 2019 wrapped up last week. A big thank you to Credit Suisse for inviting Canton & Company to attend and share knowledge with leading health plans, providers, vendors, and CMS. As I reflect on the knowledge-packed sessions, six key themes come to mind and culminate in this question for me: Although it is

Medicare: Financial Disaster or Value-Based Opportunity?

Medicare Solutions - Healthcare consultants

Medicare is in serious trouble. Mike Leavitt recently warned stakeholders in a whitepaper that Medicare Part A will run out of money in 2026, and there is no backup plan. We’ve heard the same from other experts, as well. Time is running out, according to Leavitt. And he certainly knows his stuff. He led HHS