Market strategy genius, skilled researcher, inspirational leader, and master axe thrower

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Dennis Tkach, PhD

Chief Operating Officer


An elite leader in research, strategy, and market insights, Dennis heads Canton & Company’s operations and consulting and research practice.

With 15+ years as a research scientist in the biomedical field, and then a market research/ program expert for health IT and provider organizations, Dennis brings a unique blend of scientific rigor and business savvy to his role. This powerful combination drives his ability to unearth vital information, give it meaning in the context of the market, and translate it to a winning strategy.

Over the past two decades, Dennis has led successful, multi-year research projects for the US Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Office of Naval Research. His work has been recognized in multiple peer-reviewed journals and with a US patent.

Building on that foundation, Dennis shifted to focus on business strategy, helping companies identify market trends and competitive intelligence, and using that information to guide their sales and marketing efforts. The result has been marked improvements in sales cycles, client experience ratings, and overall market positions. His work has also informed and improved product roadmaps and product commercialization efforts.

In addition to his proven approach to knowledge and strategy development, Dennis consistently “wows” his clients and team members with his collaborative spirit. Brilliant but humble, he engages easily at all levels and inspires those around him to reach higher, learn, and innovate.

Prior to joining Canton & Company, Dennis led the Accountable Health Communities model for Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, a national CMMI program to transform healthcare delivery by addressing patients’ Social Determinants of Health. He also led Market Insights and Strategy for Medecision, Health Informatics for Vizient, and a series of scientific research roles for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Sg2, and the University of Chicago.

Dennis believes cross-disciplinary knowledge is the cornerstone of business success, research has the power to improve patient outcomes, and all companies should invest in innovation, excellence, and teamwork.

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Dennis Tkach, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Financial Officer