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About Us

The Canton Story

We're not just advisors and consultants, we're doers.

Baltimore, MD (2)

Our Story

We started Canton & Company with a big goal in mind

We’re a group of creative healthcare leaders with more than 100 years of experience in strategy, growth, marketing, operations, innovation, and investment. We’ve practiced in the provider, health plan, community health, and technology sectors. Throughout our experiences, we came to believe that healthcare in America must transition to a market-based industry to survive. We also encountered many promising businesses designed to thrive in this “smart health market” that weren’t succeeding.

We created Canton & Company to make sure they would.

Our Process

We have a simple, yet effective process

Whether it's a complex corporate pivot, growth strategy, or other arrangement, we implement an easy-to-follow process designed to speed results.

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1. Discover

We get to know you and your business



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2. Develop

We develop a plan in collaboration with you, to achieve your objectives

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3. Deploy

We put the plan into action

Our Office