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Strategic & Business Planning

Position your business for sustained success by focusing on the few things that matter most 

Value-Based Care Readiness

Evaluate, then execute on a strategy for improved performance and growth through value-based care. 

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Develop strategies to accelerate value in the new healthcare economy. 

“Our experience with Canton has been excellent. Instead of being an external partner, they actually become part of your internal team.” 
Stuart May
CEO, Lamoille Health Partners

More Strategy & Insights

Canton & Company excels at translating market insights into actionable strategies, ensuring that your services and solutions not only meet, but exceed market expectations. By putting both new and existing products to work, we aim to expand your reach, engage diverse audiences, and unlock untapped revenue opportunities. 

Canton’s portfolio of Strategy & Insights Solutions includes: 

  • Business Intelligence Advisory 
  • Commercial Transformation 
  • Competitive Intelligence 
  • Corporate Strategy & Development 
  • Data Modeling, Strategy, and Visualization 
  • Market Insights 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • On-Demand Knowledge 
  • Sales Targeting & Enablement 
  • Strategic & Business Plan Development 
  • Value-Based Care Readiness 
  • Voice of Business Primary Research 
  • Voice of Customer Primary Research 
  • Voice of Market Primary Research 
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The Leading Strategy, Performance, and Growth Optimization Partner

Guided by a dual commitment to accelerating the industry transition to a high-performing, market-based economy and creating sustainable success for its clients, Canton inspires change through pragmatic innovation, and an emphasis on consumer-centric, smart health market principles. 

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