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Powering those who are changing healthcare

Who We Serve

Hospitals & Health Systems

Protecting the good work you do today, while building a foundation that ensures you thrive tomorrow, requires new strategies, tools, and knowledge. Accelerate your ability to master value-based models, grow revenue, and exceed consumer expectations for results and service. 

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Distinguish your fit

in the value-based continuum and build a strategy around it.

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Accelerate performance

through the right combination of people, process, and technology.

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Build a brand

known for service and convenience.

Community Health Centers

Leverage managed, advisory, and operational services designed specifically for PCAs and CHCs, including Federally Qualified Health Centers, Lookalikes, and Safety Net Providers, to improve processes, accelerate growth, and reach new patients.

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Improve your bottom line

with Revenue Cycle Management.

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Experience success with

Performance & Growth solutions.

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Advance your strategies

with Analytics & Insights.

Network & Risk-Bearing Entities

As an organization taking on risk in today’s healthcare environment, you face more than just concerns with managing medical loss ratios or juggling multiple risk arrangements. You face cost pressures, policy changes, and emerging threats from new market entrants. Canton & Company helps you envision your place in the new health economy, paves the best path using innovation, growth, and operational excellence, and guides you down it. 

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risk-based models.

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operating performance with new strategies, technologies, and partners. 

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your footprint and brand presence.

Tech-Enabled Care Services

Getting traction in a market crowded with solutions requires deep market understanding, the right positioning, flawless execution, and access to a powerful network of growth agents. Engage us to elevate your market position and connect you with prospective clients, partners, and capital – all designed to accelerate your growth. 

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a strong brand identity

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Define, reach, and engage

your target audiences.

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Fill the pipeline

with real opportunities.

Investors & Private Equity

Finding that optimal healthcare investment opportunity calls for a comprehensive understanding of the market today and tomorrow. At the same time, taking an idea from concept to market demands market understanding, commitment, and excellence. Our team delivers the knowledge needed to source and make sound investment decisions, while helping entrepreneurs develop winning strategies, solid operating infrastructures, and access to capital. 

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informed investment opportunities.

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operating and growth capital.

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a winning brand and pipeline.