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IT Assessment & Implementation 

Make your tech work for you

Source and implement technology solutions that fit seamlessly within your organization.  


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Transform technology into your strongest asset

Serve your community with tech-enabled experiences that enhance care while also reinforcing clinical teams with efficient workflows. Count on Canton to help you create engaging connections between patients and providers to elicit trust and adherence to care plans. 

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Patient Engagement

Reach patients where, when, and how they want

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Digital Transformation

Connect data from any source, including devices and telehealth platforms.

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Security & Governance

Protect your health center with updated standards and processes

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Performance Management & Informatics

Visualize and act on insights to drive operational performance

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Clinical Workflow Optimization

Harness data to drive care planning, self-management, and risk prevention

How does Canton approach IT assessment and planning?

Canton's IT Assessment & Planning services encompass a comprehensive current state evaluation and recommendations, EHR assessment/selection, strategic service and solution roadmaps, and strategic partnership development. Canton evaluates your existing IT infrastructure, provides tailored recommendations, assists in Electronic Health Record (EHR) selection, and offers strategic roadmaps for service and solution enhancement.

Does Canton offer Clinical Enablement Services?

Canton provides a range of clinical enablement services such as pharmacy optimization, value-based/population health management, clinical decision support and delivery, telehealth/telemedicine solutions, governance & security, cybersecurity and privacy best practices, compliance and quality reporting, and UDS grant and regulatory reporting. Canton takes a holistic approach to enhancing clinical workflows and ensuring the security and compliance of healthcare operations.

What is considered when defining my organization’s technology optimization?

Canton's technology optimization focuses on enhancing healthcare systems through services like data integration, enterprise cloud services, clinical effectiveness, and workflow. Canton streamlines data integration, leverages cloud services for efficiency, and optimizes clinical workflows to ensure seamless technology integration and performance.

How does Canton use digital transformation to benefit healthcare organizations?

Canton provides patient engagement solutions, remote patient monitoring, data integration and personalization, and IoT and IoHT (Internet of Things and Internet of Healthcare Things). This service is designed to revolutionize patient care, improve engagement, and leverage cutting-edge technologies for personalized and connected healthcare experiences.

Connect with Canton to define your technology roadmap