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Mergers & Acquisitions

Evaluate Strategic Growth Opportunities

Develop strategies to accelerate value in the new healthcare economy.  

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In the new health economy, value is measured in growth 

Profitability, performance, and growth are critical objectives for business leaders. Yet without insight and true market context, they miss opportunities to realize full enterprise value, especially in the complex $4.13 trillion healthcare market. 

While many advisory companies offer an array of services across multiple industry verticals, Canton & Company focuses on one thing: the real-world business of healthcare. 

Canton demystifies innovation

By combining deep industry intelligence, firmly established relationships, and hands-on experience, we deliver solutions that unlock value, mitigate risk, and accelerate growth, from initial investment strategy to successful portfolio exits. We’re not just advisors, we’re doers. And we can help you make the most of the market at every inflection point in the investment lifecycle. 

Canton Pulse Intelligence Report

Defining the New Digital Health Landscape

Healthcare consumers have long been waiting for technology to do for them what we’ve come to take for granted in other economic sectors – advance efficacy, quality, and availability while consistently lowering costs. The digital health market saw many disruptive moves this past year - offering a glimpse of what a truly consumer-centric industry could achieve. Download the brief overview to learn more. 

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