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Revenue Cycle Management

Reinforce Margin to Execute On Mission

Future-proof your organization's financial performance and improve your bottom line.  

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Thriving organizations are built upon strong revenue processes 

Revenue cycle processes must be built to optimize efficiencies and provide the best care for your community. Successful FQHCs and CHCs know it’s vital to have a comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) approach. 

Collaborate with Canton & Company on RCM to improve your financial predictability and future-proof your health center to thrive in a competitive market. 

Example Result

One 1200+ provider multi-specialty group with an aging AR > $75M and decreasing cash collections realized these impressive improvements

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Revenue recovered for AR > 120 days

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Overall charge capture

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Revenue in one year

“Bringing the RCM process in-house was a vital component for successfully creating a best-practice foundation for our health center. Canton & Company was instrumental in facilitating our RCM Revitalization Project.” 
Ami Cotharn, MSN, RN
COO, Coastal Health & Wellness
Coastal Health & Wellness

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Facing the Strategic Planning Paradox

You likely know the story – the paradox is that the most-used tool for developing and executing forward-looking strategy is largely, consistently ineffective.  We looked at the data, which has been consistent for some time, and asked why.  

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How does Canton approach revenue cycle performance improvements?

Our tenured RCM experts provide proven, patient-centric revenue cycle outsourcing as well as best practices and a customized technology strategy that helps you plan ahead. 

What does Canton deliver to its customers?

Our community health financial and operational experts offer coding and clinical documentation, regulatory and compliance auditing, charge capture and reconciliation, reimbursement strategy, billing/AR follow-up, and much more. 

What experience does Canton have?

Canton has led over 200 practice management technology installations for large provider groups and MSOs, more than 25 RCM process evaluations for financial productivity, offering workflow improvements and KPIs, and 100+ RCM technology footprint reviews, RFP management, and ROIs. 

What impact can Canton make quicky?

Canton defines strategic RCM improvements quickly, through initial primary research and analysis. Immediate actions include interviews with key personnel and review of staffing model, capacity, and responsibilities. 

Canton also offers detailed evaluation of technology platforms, interfaces, data collection, and data use to provide a holistic productivity assessment and strategic roadmap. 

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